A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback by Willie Jolley.

Today’s video is from one of my favourite books of all time; “A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback” by Willie Jolley. This book is a reminder to never give up, never allow setbacks to bring you down. You should see setbacks as an opportunity to keep pushing. To look for ways to bring your dreams to life irrespective of the challenges we all face in life because a Setback is truly a Setup for a Comeback. Dreams really do come true, we just have to believe…Enjoy!

In every life there comes a time

A minute when you must decide

To stand up and live your dreams

Or fall back and live your fears

In that minute of decision

You must grasp the vision

And seize the power

That lies deep inside of you!

Then you will see that dreams really can and do come true

And that all things are possible

If you can just believe!

It only takes a minute to change your life!

It only takes a minute to learn that

A setback is nothing but a setup

For a comeback

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