Insight from Simon Sinek – Start with your ‘Why’. What is your Why!

An individual why is what keeps us going in life. It’s our purpose, it’s what gives us hope, keeps our faith going and believe every thing is going to be just fine. Our why is what pushes you out of the bed each morning and go to bed at night believing that tomorrow is going to be another amazing day.

I once read an article about a wise man and his lazy son. His son only ever wants to sleep and watch TV and hang out with his friends. This was very worrying. His dad decided to send him on a mission by giving him a goal.

The goal was for him to set out on a journey to find a treasure that was hidden in a faraway country. He was so excited he could not wait to embark on this journey.

Before leaving, his father gave him a treasure map for the supposed journey, food and some other items he may need on the way. The next day he took off with so much enthusiasm and excitement.

On his way he met with a lot of people who helped him along the way directing him on his journey and he was amazed at how kind and helpful people can be.

He finally got to his destination and was so excited to look for the treasure his dad had told him about.

Insights from Simon Sinek. Start with Your Why. Enjoy!

He looked all around and tried different spots for days. Unfortunately he just could not find any treasure. Finally he decided to give up and go back home.

On his way back he was so amazed at the beautiful environment all around him.

He was constantly grateful for the opportunity to have embarked on such an amazing journey as this has given him a purpose in life and had enabled him to see life differently.

He found himself wanting to help people and people wanting to help him in return by providing him with food and a place to stay.

Finally he got home and his father was so excited to see him after two years. His father asked about his journey as it has been 2 years since he first embarked on his journey.

His son apologised to his father that he was not successful in finding the treasure but went on to explain how he had enjoyed the journey so much because he was so hopeful and had a reason to keep going.

His father smiled and said to him there was no treasure to be found. But he knew that if he could just have a reason to leave the house and do something positive or useful he will be able to identify his why!

Do you have a reason to get up each morning if not, start with your Why.

Your why will take you all the way. It’s a journey and it needs to be enjoyed. It might not be straight and narrow but you just need to enjoy the journey and have fun along the way.

I hope this article and video will inspire you to take inspired action. Sometimes you might not feel like taking action or doing anything that will take you a step closer to achieving your dreams. But remember …Enjoy the journey and try to get better every day. And don’t lose the passion and the love for what you do. – Nadia Comaneci

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