I recently came across a beautiful story written by Francis Kong titled “The story of the Seed” A successful businessman was growing old and wanted to select one person from his executives to be the next CEO. He ended up giving them all a seed and told them to come back in a years’ time and from what he sees he will judge and pick his new CEO.

Everyone but one just could not get the seed to grow. Everybody was boasting of how their plant is flourishing but not our guy. Have you ever been in a situation where you think I just can’t fit in? I am sure this was how our special guy felt at the time.

A year down the line, everyone came with some amazing and flourishing trees and plants but not our special guy. He came with an empty pot to the office. I am sure the shame of it was enough for him to run away and never come back. But to the amusement of everyone, he was chosen as the new CEO. What! Why? They were all given a boiled seed, so there was absolutely no way they could have gotten the seed to grow. They all wanted to be picked as the next CEO.

Our special guy was the only one with the courage and honesty to bring back a pot with just the seed in it.

The moral of the story, irrespective of any challenges or circumstances, challenge your thinking and have the courage not to give up.

Here are insights from Tyler Perry to challenge our thinking. Enjoy!

You cannot stop believing
If you are trying to get to a destination, you cannot stop believing. No matter what anyone says, you have to know it beyond knowing it.

Focus on one thing
When it comes to success you have to focus on one thing, one area. Put all your energy into watering just one seed and watch it grow. If you spread the water across many seeds you end up not having as much water for one seed. Focus on one thing, make it your priority and stick with it no matter what.

You have a feeling inside of you
When something is for you there is a feeling deep down inside of you that will not allow you to let it go. It will keep you going when you can’t keep yourself going.

Don’t Stop
Don’t stop. Narrow your focus to one idea and make it work, that will give birth to more ideas.

Don't Stop

Be your best self
All the ideas and strength that you have, are born in your uniqueness. What makes you unique is what makes you special.

Appreciate the small beginnings
Never despise small beginnings. There are things that can happen out of the smallest little start that can change the world. Sometimes God will hide you. Be patient, stay the course, learn what you are supposed to at this time and at this moment. God will reveal to you your talents and everything you need in the meantime just prepare.

Have faith
Everything that happens to you can work for your good if you let it, no matter how bad the situation is.

Be a point of light
There are many people in this world that are wanting, waiting, saying, asking, begging, hoping, will someone help me cross? We all have the power to be a point of light.

Remember if you can change your thinking you can change your mind. I hope this article will help you to challenge your thoughts and take inspired action.

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