Mind Power Me – Aisha Labefo-A

“You might not have what you want at this very moment…but be grateful you are alive to see another day.”

“Take a minute and look around you…can you see the beauty?”

“If you want it so badly you will get it…for now focus on what is really important.”

“The mind is an entity of its own. If you do not take control of the mind it will ruin your day.”

“I Believe everything will work out in the end. Focus on what puts a smile on your face.”

“Let Go and let God…you have to believe there is a power bigger than your imagination.”

“Today is a new day…make the most of it. Take a walk and imagine what you would want to accomplish in life.”

“If you can think negative thoughts …you can think positive thoughts. You have the power to choose.”

“You have the power to control the way you feel…first change the channel in your head. Go on…think of something. Distract yourself.”

“You might not be able to change your circumstances. But if you can control your thoughts, you can control the way you feel. The way you feel leads to your action… your action leads to the result you experience.”

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